Choosing The Best Diving Gears For Your Travels

Scuba diving is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and fascinating aquatic hobby or sport enjoyed by both men and women and children and adults alike. The experience is exhilarating and reinvigorating. To have a worthwhile experience along by the fish, there are some aquatic equipment needed. The equipment range from cold-water wetsuits, regulators, dive lights, dive computers, dive bags, dive masks and underwater cameras. I will be focusing my review on the best dive masks as I believe they are probably the most important piece of gear you will need.


The Phantom Aquatics panoramic scuba Mask Snorkel set has double-sealed silicone that shields the face and eyes. It is robust and has a well-fashioned EZ equalize nose pocket that keeps me well aerated. There are many scuba diving gears and equipment ranging from cold-water wetsuits, regulators, dive lights, dive computers, and dive bags.

The Tendol scuba diving mask features stainless steel design with a high quality of silicone to provide an ultimate experience. The stiff metal frame reinforces to the robust and functionality of the mask and also aids vision range. A nose purge valve and replaceable straps are attached to the scuba mask. I can enjoy the panoramic view under the water from its wide frame design and my eyes will be protected from water-borne diseases. There is a wide and an all-in-one window that offers a lucid and panoramic field of vision. There is a larger bottom-mounted purge and exhaust valve intended for effortless water clearing, and a well-designed snorkel that remains dry while traveling under water.

The IST prescription mask-optical corrective scuba diving mask is advantageous especially for those who have the zest for aquatic life, but contend with eye sight problems. With wearing this durable, prescribed and a professional low-profile design with large internal volume, I will not have to relinquish scuba diving.
The best kind of wet suit is the type that features fit and comfort. The suit fits like a second skin, preserves water at bay for the aim of reducing heat loss. These days, most wet suits consist of neoprene for the feeling of comfort.

The Bare S-flex full wetsuit is neoprene so it provides extreme stretch for maximum comfort. The SCUBAPRO Everflex C-Zip offers ample flexibility in addition to abrasion resistance from the neoprene. This wetsuit features a chest zipper which decreases water permeation while increasing the freedom of my movement.

In order to regulate breathing under water, the Sherwood Scuba Oasis- the smooth operator assists in regulating breathing and being dehydrated despite being under water. The oasis enables moisture retention vanes or blades to accumulate humidity from my or the diver’s breath and return it on inhalation. Overall, it makes breathing easier with a balanced-piston first stage and a dive control lever.

I have visited scuba comapare website a few times and their review is the best I have found on best scuba gears. I recommend them to anyone looking for an unbiased review. Another website worth visiting is the wire cutter but they are more general and not niche specific.


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